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Gulf of Mexico

Page history last edited by Heather Benway 9 years, 1 month ago

Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico coastal carbon synthesis page


Lead Coordinators: Paula Coble (pcoble@marine.usf.edu), Heather Benway (hbenway@whoi.edu)


In March 2013, we held a Gulf of Mexico coastal carbon synthesis meeting in St. Petersburg, FL. See meeting page for more information and visit here to download/view

the workshop report.



Download the GMx map above



Flux teams are meeting now to prepare for refining the budget terms. Teams are broken down as follows (lead in bold, also note links to team materials and teleconference notes):


Coordinators and Agency Representatives

Heather Benway (OCB) - hbenway@whoi.edu

Peter Griffith (NACP, NASA/GSFC) - peter.c.griffith@nasa.gov  

Paula Bontempi (NASA) - paula.s.bontempi@nasa.gov

Kathy Tedesco (NASA) - kathy.a.tedesco@nasa.gov

Don Rice (NSF) - drice@nsf.gov


Riverine input

Beth Boyer (PSU) - ewb100@psu.edu

Paula Coble (USF) -   pcoble@mail.usf.edu

Hanqin Tian (Auburn) - tianhan@auburn.edu   

Stephan Howden (USM) - stephan.howden@usm.edu

Mead Allison (UTX) - mallison@mail.utexas.edu  


Fluxes in estuaries, sediment-water exchange, groundwater discharge 

Chris Osburn (NCSU) - closburn@ncsu.edu

Maria Herrmann (NASA) - maria.herrmann@nasa.gov 

Ronald Benner (USC) - benner@mailbox.sc.edu

Cedric Fichot (USC) - fichot@mailbox.sc.edu

Paul Montagna (TAMUCC) - Paul.Montagna@tamucc.edu

Chris Smith (USGS) - cgsmith@usgs.gov

Jennifer Cherrier (FAMU) - jennifer.cherrier@famu.edu  

Tom Bianchi (TAMU) -  tbianchi@tamu.edu

W. Michael Kemp (UMCES) - kemp@umces.edu  



Air-sea fluxes

Lisa Robbins (USGS) - lrobbins@usgs.gov 

Wei-Jun Cai (UDel) - wcai@udel.edu

Xinping Hu (TAMUCC) - xinping.hu@tamucc.edu

Sid Mitra (East Carolina Univ) - smitra@siddharthamitra.com

Shari Yvon-Lewis (TAMU) - syvon-lewis@ocean.tamu.edu

Rik Wanninknof (NOAA/AOML) - Rik.Wanninkhof@noaa.gov

Leticia Barbero (NOAA/AOML) - Leticia.Barbero@noaa.gov

Wei-Jen Huang (UGA) - wjhuang@uga.edu

Air-Sea flux data spreadsheet

Air-Sea flux calculations spreadsheet (includes separate sheets for pCO2, VOC, POC, and DOC)

Telecon notes 13 DEC 2012

Primary production

Steve Lohrenz (UMassD) - slohrenz@umassd.edu 

Sumit Chakraborty (USM) - Sumit.Chakraborty@eagles.usm.edu

Markus Huettel (FSU) - mhuettel@fsu.edu

Jorge Herrera Silveira (Cinvestav-Mérida) - jherrera@mda.cinvestav.mx

Kjell Gundersen (USM) - kjell.gundersen@usm.edu

Donald G Redalje (USM) - donald.redalje@usm.edu 

Jerry Wiggert (USM) - jerry.wiggert@usm.edu

Brook Erin Denton (USM) - Erin.Denton@eagles.usm.edu

Telecon notes 18 DEC 2012

Telecon notes 20 FEB 2013

Productivity calculations spreadsheet

Satellite NPP slides

PP Working Group slides

PP data


Respiration and NCP 

Gary Hitchcock (UMiami) - ghitchcock@rsmas.miami.edu 

Jason Lenes (USF) - lenes@marine.usf.edu

John Walsh (USF) -   jwalsh@usf.edu

Kendra Daly (USF) -   kdaly@mail.usf.edu

Mike Murrell (EPA) - murrell.michael@epa.gov

Brian Roberts (LUMCON) - broberts@lumcon.edu

12MARCH2013 teleconference notes

Draft bibliography


Exchange at the ocean boundary

Katja Fennel (Dalhousie) - Katja.Fennel@dal.ca

Ruoying He (NCSU) - rhe@ncsu.edu

Zuo Xue (NCSU) - zxue@ncsu.edu

Rob Hetland (TAMU) - hetland@tamu.edu

Telecon notes 17 JAN 2013

Telecon notes 01MAR2013


GMx Literature Search, Data and Modeling Resources


Funding Opportunities

For upcoming funding opportunities relevant to the coastal synthesis activities, please visit the funding opportunities page.



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